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Did you know that eating just a half of a clove of garlic every day can give your skin a lot of benefits? Well, it’s not just the half of clove that you need to know. The benefits that garlic can give to your skin have been in the limelight for some time now. 

Keeps Skin Looking youthful

If you’re wondering what will happen if you keep eating garlic, we have the answer for you. The antioxidant properties of garlic will help keep your skin looking youthful by keeping it from developing wrinkles and fine lines.

The vitamins and minerals present in garlic can help fight against acne by keeping your skin cells from becoming overactive.

Good for Hair And Nails

Ever heard of the myth that garlic can make your hair fall? It’s not just a myth! Garlic can actually help strengthen your hair by increasing the amount of keratin present in your hair follicles. And the vitamins and minerals present in garlic are also good for the health of your nails. They can help prevent nail diseases like onychodystrophy and onychorrhea.