How Garlic Can Be an Active Weight Loss Agent

June 10, 2022 Sharona Adelynn 0 Comments

Preliminary studies in 2012 have shown proof that garlic thru its sulfur-rich compound allicin, can potentially help overweight and obese people lose weight. The 2012 study also reported that extracts of aged garlic, taken for 3 months by older post menopausal women, resulted in weight loss. The said findings are well documented, while the report was published in the same year in the Nutrition Research and Practice journal.


Thereafter, a follow up study conducted in 2016 delved deeper to find out how the garlic compound allicin helps the human body lose weight.

How Garlic Works to Help the Body Lose Weight

The 2016 study found out that the garlic compound allicin prevents an obese body to abosorb or store additional fat by activating brown adipose tissues. Brown adipose tissues or BAT are actually the fat absorbing tissues in muscles, which through a process called thermogenesis, dissipates fat into heat or energy ordinarily needed by the body.

Unfortunately, the adult human body has limited amount of brown adipose tissues as they are mostly located in muscle tissues. As opposed to white adipose tissues or WAT that occur as subcutaneous or as visceral mass of fat tissues formed as results of fat absorption. Increases in the percentage of WAT present in the body, relatively increases a person’s BMI and body weight, which if excessive leads to overweight and later to obesity.

Now here’s the thing, researchers who studied how garlic can prevent the body from absorbing more fat discovered that allicin can activate the thermogenesis process by recruiting white fat. This not only prevents the absorption of more natural fats and oils (triglycerides) but also helps in burning the fats stored in adipose tissues. The term adipose is used to distinguish tissues used as fat depots.

While the studies show that greater amounts of allicin can be extracted from raw garlic, garlic alone will not cause the excess fats to disappear. It simply gives the metabolic and thermogenesis process a boost, as overweight and obese individuals also need to increase their body’s demand for energy.

Garlic Only Increases the Healthy Effects of a Proper Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Regimen

Garlic here merely poses as a suitable organic weight loss supplement, and not a miracle weight loss cure. First off, a proper weight loss program must be discussed in consultation with one’s physician or physical therapist. Mainly because it includes a dietary plan to reduce calorie intakes, along with a set of exercise regimen to increase energy demand.

The purpose of which is to create a calorie deficit that will cause the body to burn more energy. Since the supply of energy from BAT is limited, the allicin compound will boost the body’s metabolism and increase calorie-burning activities.

Just a reminder, do not forget to perform stretching exercises if one is planning to engage in intense exercise and workouts. Stretching though does not have to be equally intense since it’s just a preparatory step to getting your muscles and joints ready.

In case you’ve heard about the so-called hyperbolic stretching, which claims to be a one-type-fits-all-size of stretching regimen, our advise is to first watch hyperbolic stretching video program reviews. That way, you’ll have an idea about the kind of stretching movements that the entire program will require you to do.