Tips For A Healthy Scalp And Hair

When it comes to personal hygiene, most people pay attention to the face, hands, feet, body and hair. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Scalp care is often neglected, but without it, you put yourself at risk of severe dandruff or hair thinning.

Hair experts can help men and women who are suffering from baldness, hair loss or hair thinning. There are a few things to keep in mind to maintain a healthy scalp. This includes, among other things, a balanced diet that supplies the body with all the important vitamins.

Why is a healthy scalp important?

Without a healthy scalp, there is no healthy hair. If the hair hangs down dull or becomes thinner and thinner, few look to their scalp for the reason. But your scalp also offers protection against external influences. If this skin barrier is disturbed, hair growth also suffers.

Maintaining a healthy scalp is important because new cells are constantly forming in the deep layers of the skin. They slowly migrate to the surface to replace the dead skin cells.

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How do you get a healthy scalp?

Refrain from washing your hair frequently

In order to get a healthy scalp, you should avoid washing your hair every day. If you wash your hair too often you dry out the scalp. The same goes for water that is too hot. Depending on the condition of your skin and hair, it is advisable to only wash your hair every two to three days.

Use hair care products sparingly

For a healthy scalp, be careful when using hairspray, hair dye, mousses and gels. The chemicals in the products can irritate the scalp, either drying it out or causing abnormal sebum production.

Healthy scalp thanks to proper nutrition

A healthy and balanced diet with sufficient nutrients and vitamins not only leads to general well-being, but also to a healthy scalp. Proteins play an important role in a healthy scalp. Eating foods high in protein and other important nutrients such as zinc, iron and vitamin B helps.

Avoid stressful situations

In stressful situations, the scalp becomes unbalanced. The whole body reacts to psychological stress or nervousness, including your skin. Cold, UV radiation, dry heating air, constant heat or frequent colouring also attack your skin and hair. For a healthy scalp, these external stress factors should also be avoided. Instead, let your hair air dry regularly and only expose it to this stressor every now and then. Wearing hats to protect against the sun and sunburn is also essential for a healthy scalp.