Antioxidant Supplements & Weight Loss

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Even a small amount of weight loss can have a big impact on your health. If you are one of those people who are slightly overweight but intend to live a healthier life, now there is good news for you. Losing about 5 percent of your weight can result in a significant improvement in insulin sensitivity. This reduces the risk of serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Many people weigh too much or have problems with being overweight. Those affected often try to lose weight to prevent negative health consequences. They buy antioxidants supplements to help them lose unwanted fats.

Five percent less weight has significant health benefits

Many diseases are linked to obesity. It is therefore not surprising that those affected usually want to lose a few kilograms in order to lead a healthier life. Doctors say that if overweight people lose about five percent weight, it can prevent serious illnesses.

Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease would be reduced with weight loss. Even though five percent weight loss doesn’t have dramatic cosmetic benefits, there are significant health benefits.

Weight loss of 5 percent with antioxidants supplements lowers body fat by 8 percent

Studies show that even a small amount of weight loss is enough to improve your health. If people don’t lose more than 5 percent, they shouldn’t feel like they’ve failed. As part of a recent study, researchers recruited forty overweight men and women for a controlled study. This should determine the health consequences of a weight loss of five, ten and fifteen percent.

The subjects were divided into two groups. Half of the participants should lose weight and the other test subjects should maintain their weight. When people lost 5 percent of their weight, their body fat mass also decreased by about 8 percent. As a result, the researchers say there was a seven percent reduction in intra-abdominal fat volume. In addition, liver fat decreased by about 40 percent. High liver fat levels can contribute to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis.

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Not all obese people have metabolic problems

About a third of American adults are overweight. Your weight is actually not a very reliable predictor of your heart health or your risk of diabetes. According to experts, large proportions of people who are overweight, obese and morbidly overweight according to the BMI ratio do not in fact have any metabolic problems. However, people of normal weight can still be metabolically unhealthy. If you’re overweight, keep in mind that even a small weight loss can have a measurable impact on your health.