Vancouver’s Modernization Projects and their Impact on Broadway Dental Clinics

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If you have plans of visiting one of the high end dental clinics and see a Broadway Dentist Vancouver B.C. plan it in mid-August. It’s the time of year when the unique island-city of Richmond e holds its Garlic Festival. The festivities will be showcasing a lot of garlicky stuff, including Italian dishes that demonstrate the versatility of garlic.

History has it that most of the garlic growers in British Columbia used to be embarrassed by the stinky characteristic of their hometown produce. Yet in 1978, when the town of Gilroy began holding annual festivities to honor garlic and its economic contributions, other towns like Richmond followed suit in holding annual events in honoring a similar legacy.

All these may seem irrelevant to the garlic festivities taking place in British Columbia, the recent 30-year modernization plans represented by the Broadway Subway project in Vancouver. The 2022 developments plans have been bringing on more opportunities for new housing projects and employment offers.

Still, the good news is that the Broadway Dental Clinics are still in operation and providing the locals the high quality dental services they’ve been used to for more than 40 years. In fact more, as the changes that are about to take place are in line with the advancements in modern technology.

Does Garlic Contribute to Dental Health Care?

A garlic substance called Allicin aids in the fight against oral flora imbalance. The garlic substance albeit having a malodorous characteristic itself, helps keep away the bacteria that promote dental diseases. Through its antifungal and antimicrobial properties, Allicin contributes in the formulation of products that help in maintaining healthy and strong gums and teeth.

The Origins of the Annual Garlic Celebration in Canada

The celebration of garlic as a sustainable agricultural product began only in 1978 after Dr. Rudy Melone of Gilroy read about a small twon in France made claims that it was the largest producer of garlic in the world. Dr. Melone who was also the President of Gilroy’s Gavilan College, said the claim was absurd and called it a “crazy idea.” Christopher Ranch, the world’s largest producer and shipper of garlic also hails from Gilroy. The two subsequently cooked up a plan to hold an annual garlic festivity to further encourage local farmers and garlic growers to produce garlic. At that time, garlic was not yet a mainstream product because growers were quite ashamed of the stink they made.

Although the first festival was chaotic, it was a phenomenal success because more than 15,000 arrived to join the celebration. The rest is history, as other garlic-growing areas in BC started celebrating their own annual garlic festival.