Food Scientists Say Garlic is Not an Active Weight Loss Agent

December 15, 2022 Sharona Adelynn 0 Comments

  1. Garlic is widely hailed as a superfood for being an anti-oxidant that can effectively fight-off cancer-causing free radicals that slow down metabolism. There are other benefits attributed as beneficial effects of garlic, such as improving poor responses to insulin in helping cells absorb glucose or blood sugar there are few studies supporting such benefits. That is despite widely-shared beliefs that one of the most beneficial effects of garlic is its metabolism-boosting impact.

Few Research Analysis Support Belief that Garlic Can Help with Weight Loss

There are studies that arrived at findings, which indicated that garlic’s anti-oxidating properties reduce risks of developing diabetes and that the resulting faster metabolism promotes weight loss. However, there are few studies whose literature have been analyzed as indicating support for the garlic supplements currently available in the market. Researchers say their studies show they have no significant impact as weight loss agents.

Ancient civilizations like the Sumerians and Egyptians are known to have combined garlic with honey as both contain potent ingredients. While the garlic-honey combo has been proven effective in providing relief to common chronic diseases such as colds and respiratory problems, only a few analyses of literature in support of garlic-honey combination uphold beliefs about their effectiveness as weight loss agents. This is despite the fact that their ability to boost metabolism.

Still, even if scientists do not support the belief that garlic and honey can promote weight loss as results of metabolism boost, they do not discount the fact that they have indirect effects in promoting weight loss.

Reviews on Weight Loss Supplements

Supplement websites specializing in reviewing supplements that have grown to become popular in the US supplements market share view on what they support as an effective approach to achieving wright loss.

What researtchers have proven is that os no ibe weight loss supplement that can claim to be the silver bullet if to achieve a successful weight loss program. The latest weight loss pill called Alpilean is currently experiencing a high demand but its focus is on improving metabolism. Its concentration of ingredients are Alpine growths that can increase body temperature as a way of improving metabolism.

Yet even if this new weight loss supplement is effective in increasing body temperature, those looking to lose weight should have awareness that it’s not the silver bullet to maintaining proper weight. Proper diet, regular and adequate sleep plus engaging in physical activities are still the key factors in having a body mass index and ideal body weight.