Garlic Hair Conditioner : A Homemade Remedy for Razor Bumps

December 1, 2022 Sharona Adelynn 0 Comments

Razor bumps happen to people who constantly shave; developing as skin irritations on the face, neck or even on the crotch of those who shave along bikini lines. Although some find over-the-counter medical ointment effective as treatment, some homemade remedies used by folks back home have also been proven effective through the years. Actually, there is a research study attesting to the efficiency of a homemade garlic hair conditioner applied as treatment for razor bumps.

What Exactly are Razor Bumps a.k.a. Folliculitis

Razor bumps are scientifically known in dermatology clinics as folliculitis. If the skin irritation worsens and develops as pus-filled rashes, the infected skin has become a condition known as sycosis barbae.

Razor bumps take place when the hair that is constantly shaven curves back instead of extending and growing outward. That being the case, the inward hair growth penetrates the same skin area. In other cases, the hair growth re-enters the same follicle from whence it sprung.

The body reacts to the inward-growing hair by way of painful inflammation and skin irritation. Such conditions are manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Itchy sore skin
  • Raised bumps, which in worst cases appear as pus-filled spots called sycosis barbae.
  • Lumps of bumps that get cut easily and cause bleeding that could lead to the spread of a skin infection

Garlic Home Remedy for Treating Razor Bumps

Garlic, known to medical researchers as allium sativum is classified as an antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent capable of curing various skin disorders because of its organosulfur compound.

A research study found that concocting a remedy in the form of a garlic hair conditioner had helped 50 percent of the cases of folliculitis on which the treatment was applied. Still, even if this natural remedy works, it would be best to first consult one’s physician before trying out the homemade remedy.

Making a Garlic Hair Conditioner

To limit the potency of the garlic sulphur, dilute garlic oil with a carrier oil like olive or coconut as both also work well on hair. Make a garlic hair conditioner by combining equal parts honey and garlic oil. The following are the preliminary steps when making a garlic hair conditioner:

Extract garlic oil from 8 cloves of freshly crushed garlic by heating 16 tablespoons of the carrier oil in a pan.

The 16-tablespoon measure is based on the proportion of 2 tablespoons of carrier oil to one (1) clove of garlic.

Do not cook but merely swirl the crushed garlic in warm, not hot oil.

Once the warm oil becomes fragrant remove the pan from the heat, let cool and thereafter strain the oil to remove the garlic solids.

Make the garlic hair conditioner by combining 8 tablespoons garlic oil with 8 tablespoons of honey,

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