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Garlic is a plant that belongs to the onion family. It has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.

Garlic is rich in sulfur compounds and other nutrients, which are beneficial to human health. It helps in lowering cholesterol, reducing blood pressure and preventing certain types of cancer. Garlic can also be used as an antibiotic to treat certain bacterial infections.

There are many ways to cook garlic and enjoy its health benefits. One way is by roasting it and then mashing it with olive oil or butter, salt, and pepper (or any other seasonings) before eating it raw or adding it to a dish that you are cooking.

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Garlic has been shown to be a drug for cancer prevention and treatment. Garlic has been shown to decrease the risk of colon cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, leukemia and lymphoma. In addition garlic has been found to reduce the size of tumors in several types of cancers. Furthermore garlic can help treat cancers by reducing their growth or by

What are the effects of garlic on testosterone levels?

Garlic is a popular spice that is used in many cultures around the world. It has been known to have some health benefits and side effects. One of the more interesting effects that garlic can have on the body is on testosterone levels.

While garlic can help according to studies, it is still recommended to consult a doctor on testosterone boosters that would fit one’s needs. A great place to buy Testosterone boosters could be suggested by medical professionals aside from recommendations from review sites like TwinCities.

Research has shown that garlic cloves can be an effective means of reducing the risk of prostate cancer. It is also known for its ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and to lower blood pressure.

Garlic cloves are a natural source of allicin, which is a compound that contains sulfur and has been found to be beneficial in preventing the development of cancer. Furthermore, this compound can also help with treating cancers by reducing their growth or by killing them off entirely.

In addition to these benefits, garlic cloves have been found to improve sexual function and testosterone levels in males.

Research & Studies on the Topic garlic and testosterone levels

One of the most recent studies on garlic and testosterone levels was done by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. The study found that garlic extract significantly increased testosterone levels in rats. , and also reduced prostate tumor growth in rats.

Some evidence suggests garlic may also prevent or reduce the risk of prostate cancer, while other studies have shown mixed results and no association with a lower risk of prostate cancer. There is insufficient evidence to determine whether garlic can protect against prostate cancer, but it appears to be safe for short-term use.

Garlic’s efficacy as a testosterone booster is limited by the dose, with rats receiving doses ranging from 30mg to 1.2g/kg bodyweight. In addition, its potency can vary among garlic extracts and should be tested in an appropriate trial. While garlic may have some testosterone boosting properties, it is not a reliable tool in the fight against low T.

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Preliminary studies in 2012 have shown proof that garlic thru its sulfur-rich compound allicin, can potentially help overweight and obese people lose weight. The 2012 study also reported that extracts of aged garlic, taken for 3 months by older post menopausal women, resulted in weight loss. The said findings are well documented, while the report was published in the same year in the Nutrition Research and Practice journal.


Thereafter, a follow up study conducted in 2016 delved deeper to find out how the garlic compound allicin helps the human body lose weight.

How Garlic Works to Help the Body Lose Weight

The 2016 study found out that the garlic compound allicin prevents an obese body to abosorb or store additional fat by activating brown adipose tissues. Brown adipose tissues or BAT are actually the fat absorbing tissues in muscles, which through a process called thermogenesis, dissipates fat into heat or energy ordinarily needed by the body.

Unfortunately, the adult human body has limited amount of brown adipose tissues as they are mostly located in muscle tissues. As opposed to white adipose tissues or WAT that occur as subcutaneous or as visceral mass of fat tissues formed as results of fat absorption. Increases in the percentage of WAT present in the body, relatively increases a person’s BMI and body weight, which if excessive leads to overweight and later to obesity.

Now here’s the thing, researchers who studied how garlic can prevent the body from absorbing more fat discovered that allicin can activate the thermogenesis process by recruiting white fat. This not only prevents the absorption of more natural fats and oils (triglycerides) but also helps in burning the fats stored in adipose tissues. The term adipose is used to distinguish tissues used as fat depots.

While the studies show that greater amounts of allicin can be extracted from raw garlic, garlic alone will not cause the excess fats to disappear. It simply gives the metabolic and thermogenesis process a boost, as overweight and obese individuals also need to increase their body’s demand for energy.

Garlic Only Increases the Healthy Effects of a Proper Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Regimen

Garlic here merely poses as a suitable organic weight loss supplement, and not a miracle weight loss cure. First off, a proper weight loss program must be discussed in consultation with one’s physician or physical therapist. Mainly because it includes a dietary plan to reduce calorie intakes, along with a set of exercise regimen to increase energy demand.

The purpose of which is to create a calorie deficit that will cause the body to burn more energy. Since the supply of energy from BAT is limited, the allicin compound will boost the body’s metabolism and increase calorie-burning activities.

Just a reminder, do not forget to perform stretching exercises if one is planning to engage in intense exercise and workouts. Stretching though does not have to be equally intense since it’s just a preparatory step to getting your muscles and joints ready.

In case you’ve heard about the so-called hyperbolic stretching, which claims to be a one-type-fits-all-size of stretching regimen, our advise is to first watch hyperbolic stretching video program reviews. That way, you’ll have an idea about the kind of stretching movements that the entire program will require you to do.



Garlic and onions are very healthy and flavor the most diverse recipes wonderfully, but they leave behind – especially the garlic – the typical bad breath, the garlic flag.

According to a Phoenix dentist, bad breath after garlic consumption – which lasts up to 24 hours or more – is the result of the sulfur compound allicin. It is formed from the substance alliin when the garlic is cut, pressed, or chewed, i.e. when the cells of the garlic are destroyed. Allicin, in turn, produces various foul-smelling substances called diallyl disulfide, allyl methyl sulfide, allyl mercaptan, and allyl methyl disulfide, which in their entirety make up the garlic plume.

However, these substances are not only exhaled but also enter the blood and are therefore also released via the skin pores. So if you eat garlic, you not only smell from the mouth but also evaporate the garlic smell through the skin, which makes it all the more difficult to get rid of the smell.

Measures against garlic smell are necessary out of consideration alone

Now, of course, one could say that in many other countries garlic consumption is completely normal, no one there is bothered by the subsequent smell and we should simply take an example. What may be normal in one country, however, is far from being normal in the other – and since garlic is a matter of taste, at least in our latitudes, you should be considerate of your fellow human beings.

Although there are people for whom the garlic smell of their counterpart does not matter in the slightest, even if they have not eaten garlic themselves. But there are also people in whom someone else’s garlic flag causes downright nausea. Therefore, if garlic cannot be avoided despite social obligations, measures that largely neutralize the garlic smell are appropriate.

What can be done against bad breath after garlic?

The garlic plume develops particularly extremely when the garlic is eaten raw. Raw garlic should therefore really only be eaten if you do not come across anyone in the next 24 to 48 hours who have not also bitten into the raw tuber.

1. Steam the garlic

If the garlic is steamed, fried, boiled, or otherwise heated, then this alone reduces the later bad breath compared to raw consumption enormously.

2. Use and remove whole cloves of garlic

You can also cook or fry the whole garlic cloves and remove them from the sauce (or any other dish) before consumption. The food is thereby flavored, while the subsequent garlic smell of the breath is limited.

Also in the dressing, you can let whole garlic cloves steep for 30 to 60 minutes and remove them before preparing the salad.

3. Eat an apple, some lettuce leaves, or mint leaves with a garlic smell

In a study from September 2016, the effect of different foods on garlic breath was investigated. Immediately after eating garlic, the subjects consumed water, a raw apple, boiled apple, apple juice, raw or cooked salad, mint leaves, juice from mint leaves, or green tea. Subsequently, the content of the typical garlic substances in the breath was measured within the next hour.

The raw apple, raw salad, and mint leaves were able to reduce the garlic substances in the breath. Presumably, it is the polyphenols (secondary plant substances) that remove the said substances from the breathing air via an enzymatic reaction. Apple juice and mint leaf juice were also still effective, but nowhere near as effective as the whole foods. Interestingly, green tea showed no effect in this study.

The latter may be repeatedly recommended against the garlic plume because it is very suitable as a mouthwash for the prevention of caries and plaque and it is concluded that it can generally improve the breath. However, green tea has no particular influence on a garlic plume, as the study presented below confirms.

4. Brushing your teeth and chewing gum are not of much use for garlic bad breath

The usual tips such as drinking water after eating garlic, brushing your teeth, and cleaning your tongue are of no use against the garlic smell. Even mint-containing chewing gum, mint dragees or strongly flavored mouthwashes may overlay the smell in the first few minutes, but before the garlic breath immediately reappears.


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5. Green tea reduces bad breath after garlic consumption – but only in the short term

Not even against normal bad breath could the measures mentioned under 4. permanently do anything, as a study from 2008 showed. In this study, green tea had proven to be more helpful than the other means (brushing teeth, chewing gum, etc.). He was able to reduce the content of sulfur-containing substances in the breath better, but also only in the short term. Because already after one hour after eating green tea, no effect was to be observed.

Of course, green tea could only reduce the odor-forming substances in the first hour, but not eliminate them.

6. Traditionally, cow’s milk was drunk with garlic

In older studies, in addition to apples, green tea, bitter kuding tea, plums, pears, mushrooms, and milk are mentioned. However, milk should be drunk directly with garlic. Then, it is said, it would help reduce the sulfur compounds of garlic. Whole milk is more effective than low-fat milk. Dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. are said to be similarly effective. It is best to keep the respective dairy product in the mouth for a while to work optimally.

Of course, this tip is only useful if the dairy product fits the respective dish and you want to eat/drink dairy products at all or tolerate them. Furthermore, since it is assumed that components of milk protein inhibit the effect of some antioxidant substances, it could be that dairy products reduce the health properties of garlic, which is now again unfavorable if you want to eat the garlic for health reasons.

7. Drinking lemon water doesn’t help much

Lemon water (1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice per 150 ml of water) is also recommended again and again in the fight against the garlic plume. The lemon water should be drunk immediately after a garlic-containing dish.

One variant is to put the raw garlic in lemon juice before cooking or steaming and only then use it. But even the lemon tips can only slightly soften the garlic breath.

8. Baking soda, herbs, and ginger help with the garlic smell

Other home remedies for bad breath after garlic consumption are baking soda, herbs, and ginger.

Baking soda is considered a natural deodorizer. The substance can absorb odors, apparently without having to swallow baking soda. Put a small spoonful of the powder in a glass of water (150 ml) and use it to make a thorough mouthwash.

Certain herbs such as mint leaves, parsley, basil, cardamom seeds, and sage conceal the smell for a short time. For this purpose, it is best to chew the fresh herbs or seeds.

However, the garlic smell returns after a short time. So you have to chew the herbs practically non-stop to achieve a helpful effect.

If you chew small pieces of ginger, an enzyme is mobilized in the saliva that breaks down the substances responsible for the onion or garlic smell. The effectiveness depends on the extent of garlic consumption. If you have eaten a lot of garlic or possibly raw garlic, it takes a lot of ginger pieces to achieve a lasting effect.

9. Swallow garlic without chewing

It should not come to a garlic plume, if you cut the garlic into small pieces and swallow them e.g. with tomato juice, without chewing them – as a reader wrote to us. Of course, this approach is only ideal for people who do not want to taste the garlic, but only want to take it for health.

However, you don’t just smell the garlic from your mouth. The garlic smell escapes from all skin pores. How could these body evaporations be prevented?


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The beauty of stacking supplements is that you can increase the effects of your efforts to get stronger, more explosive, and recover faster. In stacking, you take the ingredients you already have and put them together in a way that has more of an impact than each one on its own. The best way to get the most out of your stack is with a cycle.

This is when you take a break from the stack and slowly reintroduce it to give your body time to adjust before you begin again. The length of time you take and how long you keep your cycle will depend on your personal needs. If you’re looking for a super quick fix for certain body parts or if you have a lot of time and patience at your disposal, this article will help you understand how to cycle steroids Canada.

How to Cycle Steroids?

Before you begin your cycle, you’ll want to calculate how many weeks you want to run your cycle. This will help you plan your other meals and workouts during the week.

A six-week cycle is the most common, but you can also do a four-week cycle, a six-week deload, and a four-week deload. It’s important to note that the deload week doesn’t mean you take a break from training. This is just a period in which you ease back into your workouts.

You’ll then need to decide on your start and end dates for your cycle. You’ll want to start with a loading phase. This will last anywhere from two to six weeks, depending on your cycle. The goal of this phase is to put on as much muscle as possible while also making sure your body is healthy.

Steroids and Garlic

If you’re trying to lose weight, combining garlic with your steroids might help you. This is because garlic is a powerful weight loss aid. It boosts metabolism and helps support weight loss by increasing the amount of energy you have available for workouts and other activities. In a study published in “Archives of Internal Medicine,” it was found that subjects who took garlic supplements lost an average of 4 pounds more than those who didn’t.

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Garlic is typically sautéed or used powdered in most recipes.

Cooking garlic changes its flavor profile, making it softer, gentler, and creamier, with a more subtle scent and flavor.

It can, however, be eaten raw instead of cooked. Although raw garlic has a richer, extra pungent flavor, it is safe to consume and adds flavor to a variety of recipes.

Raw garlic is commonly used in dipping, dressings, and sauces such as aioli and pesto. Furthermore, raw garlic may have more healthy components than cooked garlic, which may benefit your health in a variety of ways.

Benefits of Raw Garlic on Our Health

Using raw garlic instead of cooked garlic may help to enhance its nutritional benefits. Here are a handful of raw garlic’s purported health advantages:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Aids heart health
  • Controls the levels of the blood sugar
  • Develops brain health

Disadvantages of Eating Raw Garlic

Although raw garlic has listed health benefits, it also has some disadvantages to consider.

  • Raw garlic has a considerably stronger flavor and aroma that some individuals may dislike.
  • By limiting the blood’s ability to clot, raw garlic can raise your risk of bleeding.
  • Raw garlic has the potential to cause heartburn and disrupt the digestive system.